World Of Marquetry
Ali and Ahmad Doustani -- masters of the art of moaragh, also known as marquetry

The Fellowship for Quakers in the Arts
(Nurtures and showcases the arts within the Religious Society of Friends,
for purposes of Quaker expression, ministry, witness, and outreach)

Dean Bardouka
Handcrafted religious jewelry and propaganda

Conor McGrady
remarkable work from a Belfast artist

Heather Swanson
New York based photographer of babes, beauties, and the city itself


A Brief History of Misogyny
The final project of author and beloved friend Jack Holland

Harlot Poems
new poems by the incomparable Jill Alexander Essbaum

and other short fiction by Christine Japely (Fixing the Volatile is on the cover)

An Open Letter to John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States
by Santa Cruz poet Claire Braz-Valentine
(Ashcroft vs the Breast of Justice)

Peregrina Pubishing Company
An indispensable resource for anyone interested in medieval studies, particularly
the lives of women in the Church, including the inimitable St. Christina the Astonishing


Human Rights and Activism

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association

United Farm Workers of America
(founded by Cesar E. Chavez)

Bernadette Devlin's maiden speech
to the House of Commons, April 22nd, 1969

A World Chronology of Women's Suffrage
(for the record)

"Ain't I A Woman?" by Sojourner Truth
(delivered 1851 at the Women's Convention in Akron, Ohio)


Jesus Christ Forbids War
a tract by John Jeremiah Edminster

American Friends Service Committee
(a Quaker organization which includes people of various faiths who are
committed to social justice, peace and humanitarian service)

Christ's Fasters
Christians keeping the fast of Ramadan

Free Minds
A place to discover Islam

The Moderate Martyr
An excellent article about Mahmoud Taha, the Sudanese author of The Second Message of Islam

World Scripture
(A comparative anthology of sacred texts)

The Fellowship of Isis
(the Divine Feminine speaks from Clonegal Castle)

The Essenes
(peculiar desert folk)

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
(Ahlan wa sahlan to the Holy Land)

(Arab American Roman Catholic Community -- resources and information)

Drinking Establishment

Rocky Sullivans

1000 Bars Blog

(sites for learning more about Lupus -- I was
diagnosed with this disease in 1996)

Joanne's Lupus Site

Faces of Lupus

(some musical inspirations)

Black 47

Clara Schumann Society

Atalanta Fugiens
(alchemical music)

The DavidsbŁndler

Keyboard Instruments

International Piano Supply
(for all your piano maintenance and restoration needs)

Wicks Organ Company
Martin Wicks will be greatly missed, but his family carries on
the business of building fine pipe organs out in Highland, Illinois

Julian Rhodes' Dream Organs
amazing organ site (rest in peace, Julian)


Cynthia Moth

Cynthia Rhododendron


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