Jordan's Toy

    Jordan's third birthday present was inspired by a design in "Scrollsaw Toys for All Ages" by Ivor Carlyle (1999, Guild of Master Craftsman Publications).
    I painted it to look like Molly and Anais, her two favorite cats. It is made of painted plywood and the bracket measures 18" x approx 6"h x 6.5"w. The cat disc is approx. 6" in diameter.

click picture for detail images

click picture for details of toy in motion

Jordan's toy - watching it tonight
by Sally J. Large

Two little kitties once had a great fight,
Queen Anais and Molly Jacobite.
First one is up and the other is down,
As the Queen drubs the Jacobite all over town.
Then, swift as the wind the insurgent arises,
And plebian anger with swift claws surprises
The arrogant royal, who caught unaware,
Rolls over and loses a tuft of grey hair.
Backward and forward the battle does rage,
And each angry kitty wins at some stage.
And much like men's battle with different cost,
There's little that's settled, and much that is lost


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